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19 March 2018


WOWZER. We have been nominated for a Westword Music Award for best POP act! If you have a minute, please click on the link and vote for Wildflowers in the POP Category, it would mean the world for us to win this!! Feeling pretty overwhelmed with gratitude! Keep on rocking in the free world folks, PEACE, LOVE & ROCK N ROLL… Wildflowers xoxo



07 March 2018


“As I wandere’d through the forest,
The Green leaves among
I heard a wildflower
Singing a song” – William Blake

Spring is nearly here, which means one thing.
Wildflowers are about to bloom.
This photo was from a recent secret show we did with Sofar sounds.
If you haven’t heard of Sofar, check them out. They support music all over the globe, and make a video for every artist that performs.
Our video will be on it’s way soon… #WatchThisSpace
More News, More Grooves, and More Shoes coming soon,
Peace, love, and thank fuck winter is almost done!



28 July 2017


Another Million Miles is now available to purchase or Stream in America. Just click here and it will take you to Itunes, Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music, or Google Play.

We wrote it whilst living in a one bedroom apartment in England (that we all shared to save money). Little did we know then, that one day Denver would be our new home and we would make a video of us cruising New Mexico in a mustang! This song is a message that life can change if you put your mind to it.

Listen, enjoy, stay tuned and keep it wild!
Love Wildflowers x


21 July 2017

OFFICIAL BIZZ: We are excited to announce the US-Release of our debut album, On The Inside!

Wanna know a bit about it? Here’s what the press is saying….

“On the Inside is a perfect portrait of the UK trio’s bohemian lifestyle and alt country roots, telling authentic stories that reflect the group’s mantra of refusing to settle and conform”

With FOUR bonus tracks (unheard in the UK), it’s set to drop August 25th via Original 1265 Recordings. It will be available to pre order from August 4th, with an instant download of bonus track: This Kind of Love. Another Million Miles is gonna be the debut single and we have a new video premiering very soon! Stay tuned, and also… how rad is the new artwork?


We're releasing our debut album in America!

15 June 2017


We are getting ready to release “On the Inside”, STATESIDE!!!! America better get ready for the “bastard children of Fleetwood Mac”

We decided to re-shoot the album cover, (possibly because there might be some extra tracks for all y’all English fans, wink wink)

SO being the over enthusiastic, and fairly ridiculous DIY band that we are, we woke up at 6am, and emptied all our possessions into a white van and drove to the dessert.
When I say all our possessions, I’m talking; our giant Indian carpet, our arm chairs, bed-side tables, flags, fairy lights, lamps, amps, fire pit, fake flowers, clothes, rails, bunting, even our tacky sparkly Buddha statue.

We drove 2 hours south of Denver and met our friend (and hairstylist) ZIP, who had kindly towed her giant silver bullet caravan out to our location. Here (among the prickly as fuck cactus) we started to decorate.

Hours later, we were all tired and sun burnt, but the place looked incredible, and the sun was setting (best light for taking photos) so we were finally ready to start the shoot. We are so excited to share the final result with you (VERY SOON) but for now, here’s a photo of our photographer (Keaton Andrews) taking a photo of us!


22 March 2017

To put it bluntly, If Austin were a human, we would all wanna marry it and have it’s babies.

We are so grateful to everyone who made it down to see our show. It’s one hell of a tough competition, so we were stoked to see familiar and new faces in the crowd. You guys are so supportive, it’s quite intimidating to to play our Americana influenced music to Americans, so thankyou for being THE BEST.

Asides from drinking beer and watching most-excellent music, we went on a bike ride and saw wild turtles swimming in the river, we ate a ridiculous amount of delicious vegan food, we even managed to shoot a video documenting kit getting pulled over by a cop on a Texan high-way. Which felt just like the movies. (video coming soon).

We also wanna thank our UK fans for keeping us entertained on our 15 hour roadtrip from Denver to Austin. You guys joining us for live videos made the time pass wonderfully.

A particular shout out to the group of Aussie musicians, (The Coconut Kids) who we spent our last night with; dancing to rock n roll, smoking roll up’s and chatting about life till the wee hours. We will be visiting you all some day in the future! Big love.

Lastly, a shout out to our musician friends who didn’t make it over due to the Muslim ban. United Vibrations are the most peaceful zen band, and it genuinely broke my heart to think of them not making in to America to play their first ever American show case!

Rock n Roll,

Widlflowers. xoxo

We're the kids in America!

20 January 2017

Happy New Year one and all, FYI you crazy cats, We’ve moved to Denver, Colorado. Home to legal pot, 300 days of sunshine, The Rocky Mountains, and some pretty fucking sweet dive bars.

Just like our song “Friends” we truly are “always the new kids”, and once again, wildflowers have uprooted. (HAR HAR dad joke, soz.). This time we’ve flown across the pond to the home of some pretty sweet bands, including folk-rockers The Lumineers.

This town is basically designed for our scene. It’s pretty hippy, left-wing, super chilled, and surrounded by incredible nature, including eagles, bears and rattle snakes!!! WTF.

There’s so much to see and write about, there’s so many great musicians; We’ve met like 3 rock mandolin players already. Which has blown our mind.

We love you England, but for now the adventure has taken us nearer our record label “Original 1265 Recordings”.

We have written the second album, and about to start recording it here in Denver, and possibly some in Detroit.
It’s feels a little darker, but then so is the world!

Yes, we are disgusted by Trump, but we are here to rock the fuck out in these hard times and provide a little joy with our music and ridiculous escapades.

Peace out you tarts,
Siddy, Kit, James and tour manager Matt! x

Wildflowers playing Rag&Bone Bristol!

25 May 2016


Wildflowers and Rag&Bone are teaming up to create EXCLUSIVE unplugged acoustic nights featuring Wildflowers + SPECIAL GUEST musicians who are travelling these beaten roads.

Come join us in Bristols favourite antique shop for an underground (literally in the basement) live music session.

Expect: Live music, Beer, Snacks, Vibes, Good Times!!!

We are kick starting with special guest: James Harries
He has just had a number ONE in the Czech Republic charts! And if that isn’t enough to draw you in, he is a total dude!

Tickets are available from RagnBone (11 st nicholas street) from 2pm tomorrow.
Tickets are £8
All Ages Welcome: Doors open at 7.30pm!

If you RSVP on the facebook group, (please write a comment saying you want a ticket) We will hold your ticket for 48 hours, but if you haven’t made it to RAG&BONE you’re ticket will go back on sale.

If you can’t make it to Bristol or Rag&Bone over the next 2 weeks but definitely want to come, get in touch with Wildflowers via Twitter/FB! and we will hold them on the door :)


WildflowersHQ Radio Show

13 April 2016

wildflowers radio show

We are launching our very own radio show!

Tune in on Monday at 9pm on Mixlr to hear an eclectic mix of music, chat and special guests…


We Need Your Vote!!

21 March 2016

Our song “On the Inside “ has made it to the finals in the INTERNATIONAL SONGWRITING COMPETITION. Help us bag The Peoples Voice award by voting for us in “Adult Contemporary” Category.

Follow THIS link to vote!

Race To Calais

05 February 2016


Wildflowers are going on tour to raise support for the Calais humanitarian crisis. The tour is inspired by, and will entirely be in support of #Care4Calais (http://care4calais.org), a charity recently set up to provide food, shelter and much needed support for the 4000 people living in horrendous conditions in “The Jungle” refugee camp in Calais.

#Race2Calais Tour dates:

Tue 1st – Bristol – No. 51
Wed 2nd – Windsor – The Firestation Arts Centre
Thur 3rd – Brighton- The Marwood Cafe
Fri 4th – Hastings- The Albion
Sat 5th – Calais – The Jungle

For more information and to donate to #Care4Calais, visit http://care4calais.org/about/the-facts/

Fancy Being In The Next Wildflowers Video?

29 January 2016

fancy being in the

Audio available to listen at: http://tiny.cc/100personalities

We talk about it all the time
How love can make a man unwind
We watch the world roll by
But you don’t see the signs
Coz really love is blind in your eyes

You’ll make a great philosopher,
but you can’t tie your shoe
You got a hundred personalities
And I don’t know which one is you

Your friendly when you wanna be
But there are times when I can see
You just don’t wanna come round
Your head is in a mushroom cloud
Your feet are way underground

You think you’re anti-social,
but we wanna be friends with you
You got a hundred personalities
But I don’t know which one is you

I don’t mind if the sun don’t shine
And you wanna do something new
I don’t care if we go somewhere
As long as its me and you
Your 10 kinds of crazy
That’s what I like about you

And I’m ok if we stay all day
And spend the night here too
I’ll talk about the revolution
If you really want me to
Your 10 kinds of crazy
That’s what I love about you

Well I cried myself to sleep last night
And you never even knew
You got a hundred personalities
Sometimes I just need two
Tonight I’ll lie awake
And I’ll figure out what to do
You got a hundred personalities
Might never know which one is you



22 January 2016


We are really excited to announce we have been selected to play The Americana UK showcase in Hackney at The Moth Club event on Feb 2nd.

We are on the main stage at 7.30pm and would love your support (IE get rowdy and sing along) If you can make the show, tickets are HERE


#Chemistry on BBC Radio 2 Playlist

01 January 2016

bbc radio 2 playlist

Our new single Chemistry has made it onto the BBC Radio 2 Playlist! Let us know if you hear it!



29 October 2015

We are excited to announce that we are playing Bristol, London and Brighton Headline shows. FREE ENTRY.

Full band! We’ll be playing tunes from our debut album ‘On The Inside’ and much much more…

Come and join the party!

On the road with Keston Cobblers Club

08 October 2015

keston tour

We are excited to announced that we are off on tour with the amazing Keston Cobblers Club on 14th October 2015!

Get your tickets now from:

We will have lots of albums/new merch on sale! As well as a few surprises along the way! Stay tuned to social media to follow the adventure…

See you on the road!



11 August 2015

album artwork

Hey folks,

Our debut album ‘On the Inside’ is now available!

Click Here To Download from iTunes

Click Here To Order from Amazon

Hope you guys like it!

Lots of Love,

Siddy, Kit, James & Kendal

On The Inside OUT 28/08/2015

13 July 2015


09 June 2015

7 days. 7 gigs. Loch Lomond to Glastonbury in 1 week. YOU DECIDE WHERE WE PLAY.

We have decided to fit in a freewheeling acoustic tour all the way down the UK. But here’s where it might get interesting… Taking only our gear and a £100 kitty we will be playing venues that YOU CHOOSE!

You tell us where you want us to play, and the winners who come up with the most inventive places will be announced the day before each date. This could be your bar, your house party, your school, music college, a dinner party. Hell, maybe you want to propose to your girlfriend and fancy a backing band! All we ask is the chance to pass around a bucket to help us get to the next destination.

1. #RaceToGlasto HASHTAG

Each day we will update you with our latest financial situation, how the previous night’s gig went, and the winning venue suggestion for the next gig. If things get shaky, we could be busking by the side of the road to get to the next destination!

Here is our intended route, so all suggestions need to be based in and around the below regions:

21st June – The Whistlefield Inn, Loch Lomond
22nd June – Carlisle
23rd June – Kendal
24th June – Manchester
25th June – Birmingham
26th June – Bristol
27th June – Glastonbury

When we get to Glastonbury, we will be donating any money left in the Kitty to a Bristol based charity called Given to Live, which raises money to make live music possible for the vulnerable and excluded. Read more about it here http://www.giventolive.com/

This is our opportunity to have an adventure meeting up with you all, a one-off chance for us to come and play for you, and with a bit of luck, you can help us make it down to Glastonbury in time! So get involved!!!

See yah on the Road,
Siddy, Kit, James and Kendal

Original 1265

23 January 2015

1265 logo

We are so excited and happy to announce that we have signed a deal with Original 1265, a brand new label straight out of Detroit. They are an amazing family of incredible musicians and like minded people and we are so proud, grateful and excited to be a part of it. We want to thank each and every one of you for your continual support (we know we have been laying low finishing our album, but its gonna be worth it).

WE PROMISE 2015 WILL BE FULL OF LIVE SHOWS (UK INCLUDED, WE LOVE YOU,) so we will be seeing yah on the road!

Robert Plant & The Sensational Space Shifters

01 July 2014


We are very excited to announce that Robert Plant has asked us to support him again with his band The Sensational Space Shifters! At an amazing show at Glastonbury Abbey Extravaganza!

Its going to be a special show and we cannot wait!

Tickets available HERE

New EP 'Let it Go' Available NOW!

07 April 2014

We are very excited that our new EP ‘Let it Go’ is finally available to download. It includes four tracks;
‘Let It Go’, ‘Nobody Loves My Baby’, ‘Doubt’ & ‘Tell Them I’m Your Woman’.



BBC Radio Scotland

27 March 2014

We are happy to announce that our debut single “Let it Go” has made it to BBC Scotland’s playlist! Thanks Scotland, we owe you an Auchentoshan.

So we are writing this from downtown Detroit, where we have been writing tunes and getting on the scene here.
Met some amazing people AKA local band My Pal Val, who have been helping us out on the drums and bass while we are in the USA. It’s a myth that Detroit is down and out, the music scene is fuckin A! (We have picked up some Michigan lingo)

Anyways, see you on our UK tour in April, everyone phone up BBC Scotland and ask them to play Let it Go ;)

See you soon,

Siddy, Kit, James and Kendal! X

P.S – Heres a little picture of us outside an abandoned train station with our tour manager.


South By South West!!

27 February 2014

South by Southwest

Were going to America!!

We have been invited to play SXSW in Austin, Texas!

We will be playing twice on Saturday 15th March.

11:00PM – 11:40PM – 18th Floor at Hilton Garden Inn
8:00PM – 8:40PM – Hilton Austin Downtown, Liberty Tavern

For more information click here.

Cant wait to see you there!!
Love, Wildflowers X


05 December 2013

*Unfortunately we are having to postpone the March UK Tour (5th – 13th) until April 23rd – 30th. We have been offered an opportunity that cannot be missed (and will tell you as soon as we are able to announce it). We really appreciate your support so far and hope you are able to make the new dates. Sorry for any inconvenience.
All tickets that were bought previously are still valid and if you cannot make the new dates you will receive a full refund upon contact to the ticket supplier.*

The new dates will now be as follows:

23rd April – Bristol Lousiana
24th April – Manchester The Castle
25th April – Birmingham Hare and Hounds
26th April – Glasgow Nice & Sleazy’s
28th April – Cambridge Portland Arms
29th April – London Sebright Arms
30th April – Liverpool Korova


Any queries please message wildflowersband@hotmail.co.uk

Love Wildflowers x

new tour photo

Competition Time!!

15 January 2014


Happy New Year Folks! Here in the Wildflowers HQ we’re having a little competition.

It’s a chance to win…

2 x tickets to see Wildflowers and Tom Odell in Sheffield OR 2 x tickets to see Wildflowers and Rubylux in Brighton

all you need to do is

Go to our Facebook or Twitter page

Share or retweet the above photo from our page

Include BRIGHTON or SHEFFIELD in the share so we know which show you want to attend.

We are going to put all names into a big hat and reveal the winner on the 22nd of January.

There will be runner up prizes ;)

Good Luck!

Headline Show

11 November 2013

We have just come back from our incredible tour supporting Tom Odell (who was mind-blowing live), then we went straight in the studio to record out debut album. Tom, his band and his crew were lovely, and we would be suffering from post-tour blues, but we are very excited about our first headline show coming up on the 14th of November. Tickets are available here. We just want to say a massive thankyou to everyone we met on this tour. Tom’s fans were very welcoming, and we hope to see you on our tour in March.

Lots of love,

Siddy, Kit, James and Kendal xoxo

Nottingham Crowd

We are on tour with Tom Odell!

13 October 2013

We have just started our tour with the amazing Tom Odell. This picture is from our first gig with him at Cardiff Uni. Looking forward to the next 3 weeks on the road. Check our social media sites for tour updates, videos and pictures!

Lots of Love,

Siddy, Kit, James and Kendall x

Wildflowers Cardiff Gig

Welcome to our new site!

25 September 2013

The Band!

We are very excited to launch our brand new website. We designed it ourselves, as we wanted to be able to communicate with you guys more effectively.

The new features include:

- Exclusive News Updates; all Wildflowers news will be announced here first.

- Social Media Feeds; where you can watch our YouTube videos, have a look at our Instagram tour photos and read Facebook and Twitter announcements.

- Our Blog Feature; where you can read all about what goes on behind the scenes. We have also introduced personal blogs, so you can get to know each of us.

- Wildflowers Band App; you can download a Wildflowers App which lists all our shows, has some tunes you can listen to, photos, news, links, videos and much more! Download it here!

We also finally have an online store where you can buy EPs, t-shirts and tote bags. If you would like your EP signed, get in contact with us and we will make sure we sign it before it gets sent out.

Take a look around, and keep in touch,

Lots of love

Siddy, Kit, James and Kendal


Upcoming Tour and Headline Gig

06 September 2013

Get them while they are hot!!!

Tickets are now available for our UK tour in March! Before that, you can catch our headline show at The Islington, London on 14th November! We would love to see you there! x



Robert Plant Support

04 September 2013

Colston Hall was amazing last night!!!! The crowd was incredible!!!!! Thanks everyone x

Colston Hall

Full House!

So Excited!

03 September 2013

Taken just before we went onstage to support Robert Plant!


Thanks for your support

02 September 2013

What a gig last night! I woke up to these messages, thank you all for your continuing support!

You played a blinder! Enjoyed listening to the EP on the way home. Think you need to get some pens, though. You’re gonna need ‘em!!
- Sandra Power

I go to a lot of gigs – but its been a long time since I’ve seen an opening act go out and win the crowd over in such an overwhelming fashion. Amazing. See you in Wolves on Monday :-)
- David Taylor