Dare to dream, don’t settle, travel the world, stand up for those who need it, and against those who pose a threat. Live, love, learn and lose. “On the Inside” is a vibrant commentary on the stories and aspirations of a freewheeling trio from England; Wildflowers. Their debut album was written from their shared one bedroom apartment in Bristol, but now these high-spirited Brits proudly call Denver home, after a life-time of longing to live in America. Relayed in their first single, “Another Million Miles”, this song is about a dream they brought alive, it’s their story. It’s about kicking around in England, but wanting to seize life, go on road-trips and take chances. “I’ve always wanted to drive to New Orleans, I’ve always had California dreams,” lead singer Siddy Bennett remarks, with a free-spirited attitude reminiscent of the Laurel Canyon singer-songwriter movement in the late 60’s and early 70’s.

After writing “On The Inside”, Wildflowers decided to live by their message. They sold all their belongings, shipped out their instruments, and finally made the move across the Atlantic. Now here they are, already making moves in the Colorado scene; recently nominated for the best pop act in the Westword Music Awards 2018, they are swiftly becoming live favorites of Rocky Mountain music lovers. Self-canning their music “Angla-cana”, they blend a mixture of British folk–pop with a dash of the deep south and a splash of west coast nostalgia. Fronted by a fiery front woman (Siddy Bennett), Wildflowers music is fueled with harmonies, guitar and mandolin riffs, (James Ashbury) accordion and keys (Kit Bennett).

Wildflowers and their modern take on peace, love and rock ‘n roll, stand authentic, infectious and inspiring to their ever-growing fan base.


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British folk-pop trio Wildflowers have announced the release of their debut album, On The Inside. Set to drop on August 25, 2017 via Original 1265 Recordings. The album will be available to stream on all digital platforms, and includes the vibrant new single “Another Million Miles.” On the Inside is a perfect portrait of the UK trio’s bohemian lifestyle and alt country roots, telling authentic stories that reflect the group’s mantra of refusing to settle and conform. The album will be available for preorder beginning August 4, with an instant download of “This Kinda Love,” one of four bonus tracks on the album.

Since the group’s start in 2012, the Wildflowers have made strides in the UK, supporting artists like Robert Plant, Tom Odell and George Ezra on tour and performing at Glastonbury Festival in 2016. They’ve also received substantial national UK radio support, including regional coverage from over 60 stations across the UK as well as 3 BBC Playlist singles in 2016. Having recently played at SXSW 2017 this March and now with the release of On the Inside, the Wildflowers are set for an exciting 2017 ahead.

On the Inside is a collection of 16 tracks that showcase the Wildflowers’ wide range of deep country, contemporary rock n’ roll, and pop influences, with personal lyrics inspired by the nomadic upbringing of the group’s two sisters: lead singer Siddy Bennett and keyboardist Kit Bennett. Along with James Ashbury on guitar and mandolin, the band wrote On the Inside in their shared one bedroom apartment in Bristol. The album is filled with songs and lyrics that drip with longing for the American dream, a dream that the trio finally made a reality this year with a permanent move to Denver, Colorado. With blissful tracks like “Let It Go” that capture the trio’s carefree attitude, to bolder songs like “Chemistry” that showcase their fiery spirit, the Wildflowers’ new music is a modern, exciting take on early 70s folk, distinctly drawing from their musical inspirations such as Fleetwood Mac, Dolly Parton and The Eagles.


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